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Datum plaatsing: 29-01-2020 | Bijgewerkt op: 04-02-2020 | Herplaatsing Bengaal
Catterynaam: Cattery Dragonsden
Contactpersoon: Monika
Lid van vereniging: TICA
Telefoon: 06 15567442
Woonplaats: Elst
Provincie: Gelderland
Land: Nederland
Naam kat: Swedish Forest Around the World aka Quinny
Kleur: BEN 24 Black spotted tabby
Geboortedatum: 04-08-2014
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Great International Champion Swedish Forest Around the World aka Quinny is now looking for a new loving home.

Quinny is 5,5 years old and healthy, sweet and used to small children and other cats. She is a pure breed bengal cat and in the shows she acquired a title of Great International Champion. She is very pretty.

The reason I give her away is that I am a breeder and Quinny does not want to have kittens. So we tired for the last 2 years and finally have to give up.

She is born in my cattery and I have had her since the beginning. Price 1500Euro + ca 140 for sterilisation (optional).
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